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Delaware Capitol Police

Delaware Capitol Police Division & Operations

The Delaware Capitol Police maintains staff in all three of Delaware's counties servicing all three branches of state government. The division staffing consists of:

  • Chief
  • Majors (2)
  • Lieutenants (4)
  • Sergeants (9)
  • Police Officers (51) [Recruit, Patrolman, Patrolman First Class, Corporal, Senior Corporal, Master Corporal]
  • Senior Security Officers (17)
  • Management Analyst I (2)
  • Administrative Specialist III (1)
  • Communications Dispatchers (6)

The Delaware Capitol Police also maintains three explosive detection canine teams (one assigned to each county).

The Northern Operation services:

  • Leonard L. Williams Justice Center
  • Carvel State Building

The Central Operation services:

  • Kent County Courthouse
  • Kent County Family Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Woodburn (Governor's Mansion)

The Special Operation services:

  • Legislative Hall
  • Tatnall Building
  • Dover Patrol Section (servicing over 80 separate state facilities)
  • Special Investigations Unit

The Southern Operation services:

  • Sussex County Courthouse
  • Sussex County Family Court
  • Sussex County Court of Chancery