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Delaware Capitol Police

Duties at Legislative Hall

photo of Legislative hall

Legislative Hall, the capital of Delaware, is located at 411 Legislative Avenue in Dover. It is the home of the Delaware General Assembly consisting of the House of Representatives and Senate. The Delaware Capitol Police was originally created as Capitol Security during the social unrest of 1965 to protect Legislative Hall. Over the years Capitol Security has transformed, taking on more responsibilities and providing police services where needed, eventually becoming the Delaware Capitol Police. While the division has seen many changes over time, the original mission of the unit has not. The Delaware Capitol Police still provides Legislative Hall with police protection, only now with the help of audio / video surveillance, and alarms throughout the facility. Legislative Hall has recently undergone a three phase project of expansion and renovation. The last phase of this included the installation of a state of the art surveillance system that enables the division to view the entire perimeter, entrances/exits, and interior of the building. This system has the ability to maintain a recorded log of after hour entries and record all of the surveillance points twenty-four hours a day. From 1965 to the present the Delaware Capitol Police is committed to providing the Delaware General Assembly with the ability to conduct their business without interference, interruption, and in as safe a work environment as possible.

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