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Delaware Capitol Police

Delaware Capitol Security

Capitol Security PatchThe Delaware Capitol Police performs many different functions in localities throughout the state. The mission of securing specific state facilities is a difficult task. To meet the expectations of the state the division employs individuals as "Capitol Security Officers".

The security officers operate the magnetometers and x-ray machines at the entrances to the courthouses, Legislative Hall, and the Carvel State Building. They are responsible for the screening, and if necessary the searching, of employees, visitors, and packages entering the courthouse.

Capitol Security Officers are trained in the use of magnetometers, x-ray machines, handcuffing, defensive aerosol sprays, and certified in performing CPR, using AED's (automatic external defibrillator), and providing First Aid.

Capitol Security Officers who aspire to enhance their skills, knowledge, abilities and authority may apply to become Senior Security Officers. Capitol Security Officers who are accepted into this program attend one of the seasonal police officer training courses provided by a Delaware police agency under the guidelines established by the Delaware Council on Police Training. Once completed they become Senior Security Officers and after being sworn in are granted the legal authority to detain individuals while in the performance of their official duties. Senior Security Officers are recognized by the dark blue sleeve worn on the epaulets of their uniform shirts.

The Capitol Senior Security Officers and Security Officers are an essential part of the division's mission to provide the state with a safe and secure work environment.

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